Bossy's Bibs

Bossy's Bibs RugGuard

Bossy's Bibs RugGuard provides total body cover and a silky protective layer between the top rug and the coat preventing hip, shoulder, wither and chest rubs. Bossy's Bibs RugGuard also promotes a healthy coat and prevents the build up of grease and hair on your top rugs. The perfect solution to save your horses coat!  

Main Features

  • Prevents hair loss from shoulders, chest, withers and hips

  • Worn under all rugs

  • Protects top rug from grease build-up

  • Allows rubbed hair to re-grow

  • Superior quality fabric and tailoring

  • Fully machine washable at 40°C

I bought this for my muscly quarterhorse. He had rug rubs over his shoulder and hip. I use a fine mesh flysheet in summer. I ordered a white one to go under it. My horse doesnt have rubs anymore. The rug guard stays super secure under his flysheet. Best value on the market!

I Love the RugGuard - Great Product

I have nothing but praise for the Rug Guard. I use it under all my stable and turnout rugs. Not only does it do a fantastic job of stopping my rather active Andalusian boy getting shoulder and hip rubs, it also keeps my rugs grease and hair free. I also love how it attaches securely to the top rug with the front loop and clips at the back, no slipping around. His coat is also much better for it too. Great product thanks!

Bossy's Bibs Rug Protection Black
Bossy's Bibs
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Bossy's Bibs
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Bossy's Bibs ManeGuard Blue
Bossy's Bibs
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