Orscana Connected Sensor

Orscana is a connected sensor that you can hang under all blanket types. It analyses your horse's movements (time spent lying down, activity…), temperature underneath the blanket and detects humidity/sweat next to the horse.

Your Orscana Sensor:

Analyses horse activity day and night (time spent lying down, abnormal high activity…)

Watches the temperature underneath your horse's blanket in the stable, out in the paddock or in all forms of transport, and warns if the horse is out of its comfort zone.

Advises on the blanket type according to the temperature forecast for the following night. Weather forecasting used to predict the rug needed.

The sensor is hang underneath the horse’s blanket, by the hollow of the hip; the strategic point where sweat first appears. The fixture system is completely safe, can not hurt horses and guarantees the integrity of the sensor.

Orscana will give you information on:

  • Temperature - Measures the temperature beneath the rug
  • Humidity - Detects the levels of sweat underneath the rug
  • Movement - Monitors and reports time standing or lying
  • Weather Forecasts - Make your decisions with real time weather data
  • Universal - For all rugs
  • Share - Data can be share

Thanks to its safe and secure fixture system attached to the rug, Orscana provides you with advice about which type of rug to put on your horse, taking into account the weather and your horse's wellbeing. Use in the stable, paddock or in transit. It analyzes horses’ activity day and night and anticipates their needs for the following night in conguction with the weather forecast.

Orscana also monitors the temperature underneath the horse’s rug to record activity, sweat or when the horse is becoming uncomforable.

The Orscana app is available in 5 languages: French, English, Spanish, German, and Dutch. It is free to download.


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