Billy Cook Saddles

Simple Saddle Fitting Template
Instructions For Measuring Your Horse

1. Download the template for the saddle in which you are interested.
2. Once downloaded, double check the saddle model number printed on the template.
3. Cut out both halves of the template. There will be a left and right side.
4. Discard the centre part of the templates.
5. Tape the two sides together to create the outline for the saddle gullet.
6.Use the template to trace onto cardboard.
7. Cut out the cardboard outline following your tracing lines.
8. Place the cardboard outline on your horse where the fork (front of the saddle) would sit. This is usually two finger widths behind the horse’s shoulder blade. Measure from the part of the shoulder blade nearest the horse’s rump.
9. Once you have confirmed that the angle of the saddle fits, either call us on 078 659 9424 or purchase the saddle on our website.
10. After you receive your saddle, try it on your horse with a Acavallo Western Gel Pads for a perfect fit. Alternatively, a simple saddle pad will do.

TipTop Equestre has a no-quibble guarantee with all its Billy Cook saddles.
We will refund or exchange any saddle within the first two weeks after purchase, so long as the saddle is returned unused, in an ‘as new’ condition.

With us, you can be sure of ordering with confidence for a saddle that fits your horse.