Guardian Mask

Guardian Mask (Turnout)

The Standard Guardian Mask comes with a pair of 95% Sun Shades.

As well as offering your horse a high level of UV protection for her eyes and face, the Sun Shades also aid in the prevention, treatment and healing of a range of eye conditions. It is excellent for head shaking, cataracts, eye injuries, glaucoma, uveitis and eye cancer, and is recommended for protection in all daylight hours.

The Mask can be fitted either over or under most standard bridles and halters, and is equally suitable for horses turned out loose in the paddock, as well as those in work and being ridden.

The 95% Sun Shades offer effective fly mask protection, which can be furthered by the use of a Nose Cover, fly beads or insect repellant.

The immediate relief offered by the Guardian Mask mean that it is welcomed by many horses, rather than simply tolerated. As it is so unobtrusive, it is comfortable as well as protective.

Protecting the face and delicate eye area is a crucial step to making horses happy!