Equisense - Smart Motion Tracker

"For a better understanding of your horse’s performance"

Equisense Motion is a connected sensor, which fastens to your girth using an attachment included in the package. It will provide you with objective and accurate data in order to confirm your impressions, adapt your training sessions, and anticipate potential lameness.

EquiSense Motion is the new digital tracker that allows you to:

  • Understand and watch over your horse
  • Track, plan and improve your training sessions
  • Follow your progress and your horse's form over time.
  • Collect real-time data
  • Use the exercise and program ideas suggested by the mobile app
  • Share your data with your trainer, your coach, and your friends

Collect Data on:

  Trot symmetry

  Number of jumps

  Time spent at each lead

  Time spent at each gait

  Cadence & Regularity

  Number of transitions


  Breakdown of the session




    Orscana Connected Sensor
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    Orscana Connected Sensor
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