HG 2000

Steaming with a HAYGAIN Hay Steamer is scientifically proven to kill mould, fungal spores, bacteria and allergens (dust) found in hay, by thoroughly steaming from the centre outwards at over 100 degrees Celsius. Haygain is the best long-term solution for stopping horses' coughing.

HAYGAIN will help improve the health, wellbeing and performance of your horse.

Scientifically-proven to produce pleasant-tasting, dust-free hay, the new Haygain HG-2000 helps to sustain a healthy respiratory system, thus enhancing your horse’s performance. With Haygain’s patented steam distribution manifold sytem, thorough, even steaming is ensured throughout the hay. The Haygain steamer process significantly reduces dust, as well as killing mould spores and bacteria which are harmful to your horse. Steaming in this way also makes the hay softer, and more palatable for your horse to enjoy.


If your horse suffers from any of the following, the effects of the Haygain HG-2000 will be particularly beneficial:
- Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD)
- Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO or “Heaves”)
- Older horses with diminished appetites or poor dentition
- Hard keepers
- Active and travelling horses used for sport
- Racehorses
- Horses with allergies
- Horses kept in stalls for long periods

These horses will benefit from the reduction in dust, elimination of mould spores and bacteria, and increased palatability of their hay.

Designed and engineered by a team of experts, the HG-2000 Full Bale Hay Steamer’s production has been overseen by directors with over 100 years of combined specialist experience in steam applications. The result is a robust method of dramatically increasing the hygiene quality of steamed hay, and improving your horse’s respiratory health in the process.

The patented design of the steam manifold, which features a metal plate with spikes at the bottom of the steam chest, ensures that steam is introduced to the bale with optimum effectiveness. The spikes of the manifold infiltrate the bale and dispense steam, enabling it to diffuse outwards from the center of the bale. The container is fully double-wall insulated and efficiently sealed, ensuring the necessary temperatures are sustained. As the moisture within the hay increases, the temperature rises due to the increased efficiency of condensed steam conducting heat. In addition, the steam manifold plate’s unique design acts as a hot plate to amplify the heating process. The temperature of the hay reaches over 100c to guarantee that the mould spores and bacteria are killed and cannot be breathed in.

The well recognised problem of dust in hay is traditionally tackled by soaking. However recent research has shown that soaking, even for short periods can significantly increase the bacteria concentration, leach out valuable nutrients which lowers the hygienic quality of the hay. Steaming with HAYGAIN creates no waste, retains the quality of the hay, and improves palatability.

Buying a hay steamer may seem like a big investment, but weigh this up against a cancelled competition, a visit from the vet, and the hidden costs soon add up.

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Introduction to the HG2000

Cleaning and maintaining your Haygain
Descaling your HG2000
Using your Haygain in freezing conditions

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