Steaming with a HAYGAIN Hay Steamer is scientifically proven to kill mould, fungal spores, bacteria and allergens (dust) found in hay, by thoroughly steaming from the centre outwards at over 100 degrees Celsius. Haygain is the best long-term solution for stopping horses' coughing.

HAYGAIN will help improve the health, wellbeing and performance of your horse.


Haygain's newest hay steamer is designed for the single horse in mind, or for stables where space is at a premium.  Your horse can now have its own steamed hay in even the busiest livery yard! Takes up the same space as a medium-sized feed bin.

Key features of Haygain The One:

- Up to 8kg Capacity.
- Ideal to feed one horse.
- 60 minute cycle time.
- Steams to above 100 degrees C killing fungal spores and bacteria.
- Removes respirable dust.
- Compact boiler - 2.5L
- Stainless steel boiler shell - very robust.
- Resettable run dry safety thermostat.
- Safety pressure release valve.
- Stainless steel thermometer.
- 2 year guarantee.

Scientifically-proven to produce pleasant-tasting, dust-free hay, the Haygain The One helps to sustain a healthy respiratory system, thus enhancing your horse’s performance. With Haygain’s patented steam distribution manifold sytem, thorough, even steaming is ensured throughout the hay. The Haygain steamer process significantly reduces dust, as well as killing mould spores and bacteria which are harmful to your horse. Steaming in this way also makes the hay softer, and more palatable for your horse to enjoy.

If your horse suffers from any of the following, the effects of the Haygain The One will be particularly beneficial:
- Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD)
- Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO or “Heaves”)
- Older horses with diminished appetites or poor dentition
- Hard keepers
- Active and travelling horses used for sport
- Racehorses
- Horses with allergies
- Horses kept in stalls for long periods

These horses will benefit from the reduction in dust, elimination of mould spores and bacteria, and increased palatability of their hay.

The patented design of the steam manifold, which features a metal plate with spikes at the bottom of the steam chest, ensures that steam is introduced to the bale with optimum effectiveness. The spikes of the manifold infiltrate the bale and dispense steam, enabling it to diffuse outwards from the center of the bale. The container is fully double-wall insulated and efficiently sealed, ensuring the necessary temperatures are sustained. As the moisture within the hay increases, the temperature rises due to the increased efficiency of condensed steam conducting heat. In addition, the steam manifold plate’s unique design acts as a hot plate to amplify the heating process. The temperature of the hay reaches over 100 degrees Centigrade to guarantee that the mould spores and bacteria are killed and cannot be breathed in.

Buy now or rent for up to 3 months. If you decide to buy The One within the rental period, we will deduct the rental price from you final bill.

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